Shipping, exchange and return policy

Orders can be delivered exclusively throughout Canada. CFMOTO Canada does not ship accessories or parts to the United States or to any other country. 

For any request to return an accessory or a part, please fill this form.

No telephone request will be accepted. Requests sent to CFMOTO Canada shall be processed within 72 business hours.     

We strongly recommend that accessories or parts sold by CFMOTO on its website be installed by certified CFMOTO professionals.  No request for return shall be accepted by CFMOTO Canada following an accessory or a part damage resulting from faulty installation by the customer.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check if the accessory or part ordered is compatible with his vehicle.    

1- An accessory or part can be returned to CFMOTO Canada free of charge under the following conditions: 

  • If the accessory or part does not match the ordered item, i.e., the article’s order number is not the number of the article received. In this case, it’s an error on the part of CFMOTO Canada. Following verifications, CFMOTO Canada will make the necessary arrangements for you to return your accessory or part free of charge to our premises. Upon receipt of your article, the proper accessory or part shall be shipped to you at CFMOTO Canada’s expense.
  • If a product is defective or has been damaged upon delivery. In this case, CFMOTO Canada will request photos to verify the status of the package or the accessory. Following approval by CFMOTO Canada, the package can be returned free of charge to the customer.

No return shall be accepted without authorization.  Should that occur, the product will be returned at the customer’s expense.

2- An accessory or part can be returned to CFMOTO Canada at the customer’s expense under the following conditions:

  • If within 5 days of receipt of his order, the customer decides that he no longer wants the accessory or the part ordered. The accessory or part must be in its original condition and packaging, and include all original items (installation manual, tools and parts). The accessory or the part must not have been installed on the vehicle.

All shipments made at the customer’s expense must be prepaid.  Otherwise, the shipment will be rejected upon delivery and returned to the customer at his expense. We suggest you use a transport service that allows you to track your package. CFMOTO Canada will not be held responsible for the loss of your package during return transport.     

For any order of parts less than $50 (value before taxes and transport of the part or parts ordered), no return is possible except in the case of an error on the part of CFMOTO: sending wrong part or error on the CFMOTO catalog. In other cases, no part returns will be accepted.

Oil, fluids and User and Service manuals cannot be returned.  

Explanation of delivery charges:  

The processing time for an order is 72 business hours starting when the order is confirmed. CFMOTO Canada agrees to have a carrier deliver your accessories within that deadline. However, transport time will depend upon the carrier.       

Processing fees for requests and handling: A fee of $19.95 will apply to each order.

Shipping fees for oversized packaging: For oversized accessories (where the volume or weight exceeds normal shipping standards), the applicable fee will depend on the accessory. The amount of the fee is shown in the accessory’s description sheet in the Additional Information tab (transport surcharge). Oversized delivery charges are added to fees for order processing and handling. 

Free shipping: Shipping is free for any order of $300 or more, before taxes. However, this option is not available when one or more items ordered are oversized (transport surcharge).